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  Welcome to JeepinGirl.com!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out the web site I had my husband put together. Right now there is a few games, some online coloring pages, and a whole bunch of pictures that you can send to other Jeepin' people as a Jeep Wave E-card. If you have any suggestions feel free to send me an e-mail at and I will pass them on to my husband. He needs as much help as possible. ;)
Speaking of being other Jeepin' people, my husband just opened it up so that anyone can get a e-mail name @JeepinGirl.com. Now anyone can be a Jeepin' Girl! Check it out by clicking on Jeepin' Mail on the menu.

The right Aftermarket Jeep Parts will have you Jeepin' in any terrain.

That is my old 2000 Jeep Cherokee Classic, Silvie. It was my first Jeep and I miss it so much. I traded it in on a 2007 Jeep Commander Overland. I love my new Jeep but you never really get over your first Jeep.

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